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Creating art with AI is exciting, isn’t it? You enter a few snippets of text, and out pops something mesmerizing. Gone are the days of fancying yourself a budding artist, only to find that you’re all thumbs with a paintbrush. 

With AI, everyone’s invited to the party. It’s like having a talent amplifier at your fingertips that is free to use. No more shelling out money for pricey art classes or getting elbow-deep in paint. If you take the time to learn how to write AI image prompts effectively, you can conjure up a masterpiece with a few clicks.

Traditional art often sees the artist and their tools in a one-sided relationship. With AI art, however, there is genuine back and forth–a dance between human creativity and machine precision. It pushes boundaries and helps us see things from angles we might never have considered.

Many ask if it is ethical to sell AI-generated images. When used responsibly and transparently, AI-generated art holds a valid place in the creative industry. Much like any other artistic medium, AI offers novel avenues for expression and innovation. 

Here are some free AI tools you can try out today:


OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 text-to-image model is a groundbreaking AI tool that can turn text prompts into captivating visuals. At its heart, it functions as a neural network, producing fresh images in various styles based on your request. Thanks to deep learning and the GPT-3 language model, it understands your text prompts and generates images accordingly.

DALL-E 3 can take on more intricate prompts and generate images that align seamlessly with your specific instructions and expectations. Not only can it produce visuals tailored to your exact needs, but it can also embed readable text into these images. Whether you’re looking to design logos, create posters, or elevate the design of your web and app, DALL-E 3 is a tool that can help you achieve this goal.

Stable Diffusion

One of the main attractions of Stable Diffusion is that it is an open-source platform. You can look at, change, and share its code, providing a level of transparency that sets it apart from many other AI image generators. The way Stable Diffusion creates images is by gradually refining pure noise until a clear image appears, one that corresponds closely with the text prompt you provide.

What’s more–you can use it to produce high-quality images, creating stunning visuals from text. Stable Diffusion also offers a combination of latent spaces for consistent image creation and a wide variety of pre-trained models that suit different needs from business graphics to personal projects. These models are commercially licensed so that you can stay within legal boundaries.

Bing Image Creator

Bing’s Image Creator, which uses a more sophisticated version of OpenAI’s DALL-E, produces high-quality results quickly–possibly even better than DALL-E itself. You can use it for free by visiting the Image Creator website and logging in with a Microsoft account.

What’s unique about this AI tool is its integration with Bing Chat, Bing’s AI chatbot. While chatting with Bing, you can request that the chatbot create an image based on a description, which will display the result in the chat. This is something you can’t do with ChatGPT. Although there’s a separate website for the Image Creator, if you’re on Bing Chat, you can directly ask it to generate an image based on any prompt.


NightCafé Creator is a versatile AI Art Generator app that offers various ways to craft art. It is powered by more AI algorithms than any other tool, including Stable Diffusion, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP, and now DALL-E 3. With its neural style transfer feature, you can transform your photos into artistic masterpieces. 

Alternatively, by simply typing in a text prompt, the app can conjure beautiful images for you. The app incorporates cutting-edge diffusion technology, making the art creation process straightforward and enjoyable.

You can access the NightCafé Creator AI Art Generator for free online. While it doesn’t have its own standalone app just yet, you can easily get the web version set up on your device. Once it’s up and running, it feels just like you’re using a native app, minus the URL bar or navigation buttons.

Why You Should Join the NightCafe Community

NightCafé has a vast user base, with millions of people tapping into its capabilities every month to design, share, and talk about AI art. In just a few steps, you can produce shareable images and drawings. Challenge yourself with your prompts and enjoy the thrill of others voting on your creations.

Wondering about the cost? NightCafé is free, although some creations do require credits. You’re given free credits daily and can earn more by engaging with the community. Moreover, some creations (like ‘base’ stable images) are entirely free of charge.

Join the NightCafé AI Art community on Discord to learn more about our tools’ capabilities and connect with like-minded individuals. Sign up for a free account today!

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